Asche Engineering (AE) provides professional structural engineering services to a variety of clients, including architects, other engineers, construction managers/contractors, insurance companies, attorneys and manufacturers.

BRYAN ASCHE, PE, LEED AP – Bryan brings vast structural knowledge, innovative approach to unique challenges, and well-rounded experience. He is competent in structural design and analysis of new construction as well as addition/renovation/modification projects. His education background and technical knowledge of complex structures is validated by his PE Structural II license, of which a few structural engineers hold. Additionally, as LEED certified, Bryan takes green technology into account in his design work, providing you with latest design possibilities for your project.

New Construction: analysis, design, coordination and preparation of construction documents, writing specifications, final design work and structural inspections.

Existing Construction: analysis/design, feasibility reports, compliance to current building codes and structural retrofitting.

Revit BIM Structural Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is computer software that collaborates all building systems and components into a 3 dimensional model. This software allows for coordination and detection of conflicts prior to construction. It is a new concept to the architectural/engineering industry in design and preparation of construction documents, and will quickly become the standard procedure to the industry. Many local designers are new to this concept. Asche Engineering maintains a strong BIM capability to satisfy client (architects) requirements and strives to stay ahead of the competition.


“When we first began thinking about starting a brewery, remodeling costs to fit our equipment was a major issue. The ceiling in our building was a major issue. The ceiling in our building was too low, the rafters were old, and we were uncertain what our foundation could support. Bryan was fantastic to come-in on short notice, hear our plans, analyze our structure, and came up with a creative and economical solution to our problem. What should have cost $10,000 only cost us $1,000. Cheers!” – Kelly